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Louis Vuitton Damier Porte-monnaie zippe N60003 kaxM

Louis Vuitton Damier Porte-monnaie zippe N60003 kaxM

£713.58  £412.40

  • Model: Bags-xx4Bk9AQI


Product-1747 Description

Chanel is known for inventions which changed the world. Just one of them is suited for women. Maybe today they look ordinary but back then they were completely different. Of course they invented plenty of other items popular today. Bags with chains are something else. They are different special and look like no other. Yes the company invented them as well. Now we have one of newer creations the Boy Chanel Flapbag. The chain-based design makes it look tough and serious but at the same time gentle and elegant. As you can see the chain has been implemented into the entire bag. We have a shoulder chain around the edges and even on the handle. Besides the looks there is one advantage more. The chain is implemented in order to increase the grip of a handle and to protect the edges from damages. The chain for carrying can be doubled if you want to make it shorter. This is a one-second job. Thepython leatherisCoco Chanel material reserved for the most precious and most expensive models. During the manufacturing process it has been treated countless times in order to prevent fading and to increase the resilience of the material. Still the main thing to know about the bag is its design. If you are at a fancy party the bag will look just right; if you are on the street you will look classy and like you just came from Milano. The point is that the bag can make you look as you want without any issues or anything else. On the other hand others will be jealous of your new bag. If we know that it will last forever we can deduce that others will be jealous for a long time. Dimensions: W25 x H15 x D8 (cm) W9.8 x H5.9 x D3.2 (inch)
Louis Vuitton Damier Porte-monnaie zippe N60003 kaxM
Louis Vuitton Damier Porte-monnaie zippe N60003 kaxM | Bags-xx4Bk9AQI
Categories :Louis Vuitton
Model: Bags-xx4Bk9AQI
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